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Madan Madi Dhol Master is an International Dhol Player, who has been in the Wedding & Music industry since last two decades. By profession he is known as a Bhangra and Dhol coach. He is a professional Dhol player for Hollywood, Bollywood & Punjabi Music Industry and more.

Madi has been given the title as Professional Musician for the Singers by the Western & Indian Music Industry.

In Punjab, people by habit wake up early in the morning and thank the Creator for the miracle of a new day. In these early mornings, "Jogi or Cosmic Wanderers" walk throughout the streets singing Gods songs, waking every one up in God's name. They always sing songs and two songs which caught young Madan Maddi's ears were; "Mundra Wala Jogi Thanu, Mantar Marke Lee Jayooga". Madan's mother said he never woke up by the alarm clock or when she would go wake him up but every time Jogi passed by singing the song he would wake up on his on. As Jogi passed the streets of his town, Madan would follow them to every block & go far distances from his house every morning, says his mother. Every day as he was getting ready for school he would say "I want to be like them, I want to sing & play music as well."


At a young age Madan began to skipping school & would instead spend his time watching musical shows and programs. Madan had a true love for his Panjabi music and culture. This was until his mother went to his school and the principal told her that Madan had not been coming to school for last few years!


Rather than scolding him, Madan's mother was able to realize his interest and talents and at the age of eight his mother sent him to Ustad Pandit Des Raj for Tabla Classes. While taking Tabla classes, his passion went further learning Congo , Drum Set & Aktobat from Ustad Darshan Kumar.


However Madan Maddi's life took a turn for the better when he heard Charan Das playing Dhol at Guru Gobind Stadium in Jalandhar. Wow! The beat of the dhol was an unforgettable experience for this young boy. He came home told his mother that he no longer wanted to play the Tabla and asked her to find him a Dhol teacher. For two days his mother continue to probe Maddi to see if his love of dhol was genuine or was it a passing fad. Without giving it a second thought, young Maddi said, "Yes and I have decide Dhol is what I want to learn!"


Dhol is instrument which has no books, video or audio tape to study. The study for Dhol is giving up every other hobby you have and devoting one' full time and complete energy to the study of it. Since none in his family was involved in the practice of Dhol Madan had to undergo a lot hardships when learning the Dhol. No matter which obstacle came his way, Madan overcame all of them to pursue his love of the Dhol.


For the next four months he went to Ustad Bija's home. Everyday he would sit in front of his home return home empty hand it without learning anything. Yet Madan did not give up and decided no matter how many months he had to sit there he would in order to learn Dhol from Ustad. One day suddenly the Ustad gave in and began teaching Madan Maddi the dhol. He began his lessons with Ustad Bija Singh at the tender age of eleven. For the next two year, Maddi took Bhangra & Dhol course with Ustad Baksi. At age thirteen Madan Maddi was considered an Ustad himself in the realm of dhol and Bhangra, a true child prodigee. In 1986 Madan began professional Dhol training under Usatd Des Raj & Usatad Kaku Ram. Under the training of the best Dhol Player he had to struggle to became one of them. It was not easy task, while being train under the best he had to go to the villages to give out flyers & play at opening of every new shop. Ustads didn't give right away Dhol in his hand to play. He had to practice for hours & hours on Chair or banch. While he was on training with Usatad he had to travel with them. His Usatad gave Bhangra classes in DV College, Dhayaba Colloge in Jalandhar.


At the age 13 he became Ustad of Bhangra and started competing in competitions. While competing in competition & he took professional Bhangra classes for next 5 years. He has competed in competition with his Ustad & by himself all over Indian. No time he had his own student & participating in Bhangra & Gidha Competition and giving Dhol Lessons. He has taught Bhangra, Gidha & Dhol in every village you can name in Punjab State and other part of the India .


In 1988 he took his Bhangra team to perform at Dur Darshan TV Show, and every Bhangra Competition happening in Punjab . His team won 20-25 competition 1 st price, 2 nd price & 3 rd price. In no time he started going with Orchestra group. He has performed with Ramesh Jalandhri Orchestra, Yamaha Orchestra, Ashok Sharma Orchestra, Sargam Music Group, Heera Group, Ram & Party, Chand Group & the list goes on. Not only he perform with Orchestra. His name was so popular that Punjab Top singer starting to take him with there Orchestra group.


His first experience with Singers within the music industry was Sukhwinder Singh, at the time Sukhwinder Singh's song was going #1 at TV (Kudi labe Munda, Munda Kudhi nu palada, Hoya ke ne Kudhia tu Ludhahane dee Munda Southhall da) in Jalandhar, Punjab . From there own his career took different turn he stated to performing professional with Punjab's well know singer Hans Raj Hans, Jasbir Jassi, KS Makhan, Maqbool, Sawar Kotti, Master Saleem, Puran Shah Kotti, Sukhwinder Panchi, Sukhwinder Laddi, Durga Rangella, Satwinder Bugga, Nirmal Sidhu, Malkit Singh, Sarabjit Cheema, Kuldip Manak, Sarbjit Kaur, Sunita Batti, Tandi, Sarabjit Phole, Ravinder Grewal, Ranjit Manni, Harbhjan Shera, Pammi Bhai, Ranjit Manni, Dilshad Akhtar, Sunitha Bhatti, Nirmal Sidhu, Laab Janjua, Ashok Chancal and the list goes on & on.


In 1990 he went International performance with Sabar Kotti in U.K, Europe .

In 1992 he travel with Nirmal Sidhu, Sunitha Bhatti, Sangeet Group to German, France , Belgium , Holand, U.K, Australia & USA .

In 1994 he came to perform in USA with with Master Saleem, Nirmal Sidhu, Puran Shah Kotti, Laab Janjua.

In 1996 he took trip to USA with Nirmal Sidhu, Laab Janjua, Master Saleem, Sukhwinder Mavi and stay back in USA since then

In 1997 performed with Jagga Singh Jagga, Sarbjit Phola and group in New York , USA .

In 1999 performed with Master Saleem, Nirmal Sidhu, Laab Janjua in NewYork , USA .

In 1999 performed with Sarbjit Cheems, Bhinda Jatt , KS Makhan , KS Kang,

In 2000 he performed with legand Mahndi Hasan, Shoukat Ali.

In April 14, 2001 performed at Dhamaka 2001 in MA

In 2001 perform with Balkar Sidhu, Amrita Virk, Prwal Prakah in Connecticut (Shaddi @ Baradi.Com)

In May 2001 performed at Cultural Program in New York with Bhangra Junior Team.

In July 20, 2001 perform with Bhangra group on Surinder Kaur Nite in New Jersey with Surinder Kaur, Sardool Sikander, Surinder Shinda, Amar Noori, Gurinder Raju, Gurkerpal Surapuri, Balmukand Sharam, Jaswinder Bhalla, Raja Virk.

In August 28, 2001 Bhangra Team & Madan Madi participated in Carnival India 2001 in New Jersey

In August 25, 2001 Junior Bhangra team Participated in 12 th India Fest in Long Island.

In 2001 Bhangra Group took participated in Live with Neeta Bhasin ITV Show

In August 18, 2002 Bhangra Team participated in Western Union Float in Indian Day Parade.

In June 2002 Bhangra Team & Madan Madi participated in Art Frenzy show with Queens Council

In 2003 Madi Perform at Boogie Woogie in New York

In February 2003 Bhangra Team & Madan Madi participated in Indian Community Culture Program in City Hall

In April 2003 Bhangra Team & Madan Madi participated in Vaisakhi 2003 Live with Neeta Bhasin ITV Show

In August 11, 2003 Bhangra group participated in Independence Day Show with Neeta Bhasin

In 2003 perform with Lakhvir Singh Lakha, Subesh Thappar, Duyya, Deep Mangli (NY), Baljit (NJ), Bikram Singh (NY), Lal Chanda Lala (NY), Amarjit Ramta (NY), Boggie Woogie Competition, Dipali Show in Seaport,

In 2004 (NY) he performed with Jasbir Jassi, Sapna Competition, Sourb Jain, TV Asia Mela, Sai Baba Mela, Parade in Rockland County, Parade in New York with xxplosive records & Chalis Chor, Bhangra Blowout with Chalis Chor in Washington DC,

In April 2004 Madi perform at Vaisakhimela 2004 with Balkar Sidhu, Nachatar Gill, Kamaljeet Neeru,

In 2004 Performed at Stereo Nation Concert

In 2004 Perform with Chalis Chor Rap group & Sukhwinder Shidha in New York

In 2004 Madan Maddi performed with Sukhshinder Shinda in NY, USA .

In August 2004 Performed with Chalis Chor NY Rap group & xxplosive records at Indian Day parade & Jada Kiss Concert.

In September 2004 did opening of the Punjabi Mela for Kamal Heer & Manmohan Waris

In October 1, 2004 Madi Performing with Bally Saggo in New York

In 2000,2002,2003,2004 Madi has been participated in International Punjabi Khed Mela

November  2004 – Opening for Zee Bhangra Competition in New York.

February – 2005 – “A Celebration of Indian Rhythm” – NJ Community Program

May 2005 – Carnegie Hall Community Program – Bronx, NY

September 2005 – Bhangra Blowout Competition after party with Sukshinder Shinda

October  2005 – Performed at Community Program at New Jersey Court

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 - Community Mela’s and Indian Parade in New York, New Jersey, Conn., Washington, Boston, Rhode Island and Baltimore

2003/2004/2005/2006 – Community Program - Diwali Mela at Seaport, New York City

May 19, 2006 – Performed at Vaisakhi Mela with Diljeet, Balbir Boparai, Taniya Gill & Nachattar Gill at York College, NY

November 2006 – Perform at Bollywood Music Awards with Sukhwinder Singh & Shaheen at Atlantic City, NJ

December 2006 - Lehmber Hussainpuri at York College, NYC

February 2007 – Performed with Bollywood Singing Superstar Amir Jamal (Kaho na Kaho), Shaheen (Bangladesh) at Caribbean Concert

We pay respect to Surjit Bindrakhia (RIP)

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